What’s the 4649?

4649 (reads: Yo ro shi ku) is a polite way to say “Nice to meet you” in Japanese.

The 4649 crest is made up of the Japanese katakana characters for Yoroshiku, arranged in an original camo pattern. Plus it looks like a cute panda.

Yoroshiku 4649 is also the playful Japanese street wear brand based in London. The brand manufactures locally and works with like-minded creatives worldwide – contributing to the local economy and spreading love to the global community at the same time.

Founded by a Japanese visual designer Yumi in 2011, 4649 merges the bold personality of hip hop with a cool streak of Zen and a playful dash of manga and kawaii, attracting attention from the lovers of both subcultures worldwide. 

Keen-eyed observers will see the “Yoroshiku” message hidden in many places throughout our collection – and that message is all about togetherness. As the brand name suggests, we love saying ‘Nice to meet you’ and connecting with people around the world.


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We give back a percentage of proceeds to the mental health charity Mind.

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