What’s the 4649?

Japanese streetwear brand Yoroshiku 4649 - What's the 4649?

4649 (reads: Yo ro shi ku) is a polite way to say “Nice to meet you” in Japanese.

Yoroshiku 4649 is an independent brand based in London, making classic street wear with a Japanese twist.

Keen-eyed observers will see the “Yoroshiku” message hidden in many places throughout our collection – as the brand name suggests, we love saying ‘Nice to meet you’ and connecting with people around the world.



The 4649 crest is made up of the Japanese katakana characters for Yoroshiku, arranged in an original camo pattern. Plus it looks like a cute panda.

Yoroshiku 4649 spreads love ethically by manufacturing locally and and connecting globally to support and be part of the worldwide creative community – get in touch and let’s create something dope together.

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