Sustainable clothing becomes a new trend. It does not only produce an enduring lifestyle but also retain a good quality. More than that, at a new luxury brand 4649.REC, family bonds motivate us to go further because our 100% recycled Japanese fabrics come from family kimonos. Thus all products are handmade with care and love. You could find whatever you love with a Japanese design style made from recycled kimono here.

The process of sewing clothing by recycled kimono

Why does sustainable garment get increasing attention?

Consider it from a side of energy consumption. Take producing one cotton shirt as an example. It consumes 2,700 litres of water (almost 9503 cups UK) which can support one person to consume for 2.5 years. Compared to that, it will only take almost half the impact on the environment if the fabric comes from recycled cotton. This is one of the reasons that we only use recycled Japanese textiles. Same comfort, better design.

Our collection is not just environment-friendly. In addition, it is gender-free. The benefit of this for customers is: You have the freedom to define yourself by styles, not by gender.

We link family and ourselves by offering recycled kimono a second life. Not just a family bond means a lot to us, we also value the connection between 4649.REC and you. To show a warm welcome, we offer 15% off your first order. How? Please sign up to our newsletter to unlock the offer and the latest news.

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Showing 1–12 of 55 results