Clothing Repair in London

We are here to make you fall back in love with your old favourite clothes again and again, by helping you upcycle your own clothes. We also offer service such as clothing repair and customisation in London.

What is upcycling? 

Upcycling is reusing (discarded garments or materials) in order to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. 

Entrenched in the ideas of slow fashion, upcycling intends to create a more circular fashion industry, reducing waste and emphasizing craft and creativity. Rather than mass production, short-lived trends and disposable garments, upcycling intends to repurpose and embellish existing materials to create memorable, unique and sustainable pieces. Upcycling attributes clothing an emotional, rather than simply economic value.

Why upcycle?

At first, you might be skeptical at the idea of upcycling their wardrobes. However, usually after the first try, you fall in love with the creative process and proud of the results. How come?

  1. By reclaiming the creative process and creating your own pieces, you get to have something no one else owns. You can customise clothing sleeping in your wardrobe and create the pieces you have long sought-after and you can be sure of their quality. 
  2. The upcycling process also allows you to learn about design and develop new craftsmanship skills. 
  3. By using reclaimed materials, you are protecting the planet and preventing exploitation of garment workers in the fast fashion industry, one upcycled garment at a time. 
  4. As our founder/designer Yumi described when she explained the process of repurposing her mother’s kimonos, upcycling allows you to reconnect with yourself and potentially your cultural heritage, but also to create new ties with your loved ones and your community. Clothes are valuable because they are intimately linked with our memories. They carry stories. Whether you are upcycling your garments or those of your loved ones, the repurposed pieces will carry a special meaning, which you can proudly wear.

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When it comes to sustainability, it’s important to regenerate our personal sources of energy. We Japanese call it ‘Ki(気)’, the Chinese call it “Qi”, some call it “Prana”and you might simply call it ‘Energy’ – whatever word they use, we want to help people find and engage with your energy through creativity and connections with others. We emphasise creativity and mindfulness with our products, services and especially with workshops – strive not only to upcycle clothes, but also to upcycle our energies, our Ki.

To extend our commitment to sustainability in our Ki, we give back a percentage of proceeds to the mental health charity Mind.

4649.REC is committed to responsible consumption and production by giving these pre-loved treasures a new life, unlocking their full potential and creating transnational flows of energy and value chains.

Clothing Repair and Customisation in London

Pop-up Creative Hub

Our pop-up is a creative hub around the concept of a repairing/customising, where you can casually walk in for clothing repair or customisation in London, or simply purchase exclusive one-off items which are only available at the popup.

We also host a series of workshops and events to inspire and connect with a community of sustainability-conscious creative souls like you. Engaging with people is a key part of our creation process and the workshops are grounded in the idea of sharing ideas and creative energy.

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