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Spot the 4649: 30 seconds challenge by Ombrascura Dance crew

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“The rules are simple, you’ve got 30 seconds.” on instagram

Modelled by: Ombrascura Dance crew
Ombrascura Dance instagram
Matt Walker
Amy Cook
Matt Biancheri

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Snap the 4649: Creating A Space

Shot by: Creating A Space
is a Belfast-based creative platform made by artists from Irish, Ugandan & Kenyan origins. 
“Creating a space is a series where we ask a group of individuals to express themselves in a creative way. It is a space to seek out vulnerability and acknowledge how we empower ourselves.”

Facebook: @CreatingASpace
Instagram: @CreatingASpace

Ade: @squar3head
Esther: @emogada |  @inspirethesound
Nathan: @pretty_boy_nath